Top 5 Things You Should Do Following a Car Accident

man on the phone sitting on the curb in front of a crashed car

What to Do After an Accident

With severe vehicle damage and potential injuries, it’s no surprise that motorists can be a little scatter-brained immediately following an accident. Many may experience a panic response or significant boost in adrenaline that makes it hard to stay focused on the after-crash process.

To make this a bit smoother, we’ve put together our top five reminders for handling your next motor vehicle accident:

Collect the Other Driver’s Information

The first step you need to take after calling 911 is to collect the information of the other driver and any witnesses or passengers. You may be required to include this information on a crash report, and your insurance company will require this to pay for damages. Here is what you should be getting:

  • Full name and contact information
  • Insurance company and policy number
  • License plate and driver’s license number
  • Make, model, and color of the vehicle
  • Location of the accident

File a Police and Crash Report

Whether it’s with the officer on the scene or hours later through the Mississippi Department of Public Safety website, filing both police and crash reports helps you have a written record of what actually happened. This information can be useful later when filing an insurance claim or if you pursue legal action.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Even if the other motorist’s vehicle is the only one with visible damage, contacting your insurance provider to make an accident claim is the next step you should take. Most insurance policies require that you do this following an accident and not doing so could lead to more trouble later on.

Keep in mind they may ask for a copy of your police or crash report for their records. If you haven’t obtained one before contacting your insurer, that would be a good place to start.

Seek Medical Attention

Not every car accident is going to result in severe injuries, but did you know that many don’t even start showing symptoms until days later? Seeking medical attention after an accident not only ensures that your physical health is intact but can also provide useful documentation in a personal injury lawsuit.

Take Pictures

Any pictures or videos of the accident itself or damages will be useful in almost all of the above steps. They can help your insurer properly assess damages, and videos of the accident can help when determining who is at fault. In the chance that you have injuries, you will also want to document these to use for legal purposes.

Being involved in a collision doesn’t have to be stressful. If you sustained injuries during a car accident and are seeking legal representation, contact Vollor Law Firm, P.A. today. Our firm has decades of experience in combating negligence on the roads and will work with you to achieve appropriate compensation. Call (662) 269-6188 or visit our contact page to schedule a free consultation.