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Success Stories at Vollor Law Firm, P.A.

With over 25 years of trial, personal injury, criminal defense, and medical malpractice experience, Vollor Law Firm, P.A. has helped thousands of clients find success. Our firm has recovered millions on behalf of injured victims and their families. We look forward to putting our experience to work for you. Read about some of our successful case results to see how our Starkville injury attorneys have helped others in situations just like yours.

  • $500,000
    Serious Leg Injury

    Tort claim cases involving claims against governmental entities are difficult.

    Vollor Law Firm obtained Mississippi's max claim of $500,000 for a minor who was injured at his high school when a trailer fell on his leg resulting in three spots removed and multiple surgeries of his foot.

  • $380,000
    Motorcycle Accident

    A client was riding his motorcycle when a van pulled out in front of him, causing him to break his leg and sustain multiple surgeries. Another firm kept the clients' case for two years, telling him nothing could be done. Vollor Law Firm took over the case and was able to obtain $380,000.00 for his leg injury allowing him to rehabilitate and continue his career as a contractor.

  • $362,000
    Medical Malpractice

    A client was misdiagnosed with a "pinched nerve" by a physician. Upon returning home to Wayne County, he suffered a severe stroke and subsequently died. During depositions in the case it was revealed that a Doctor had improperly logged in treatment notes covering her mistakes. Vollor Law Firm associates, Tatum and Wade of Jackson to obtain this result.

  • $190,000
    Personal Injury Claim
    Automobile Accident with ankle injury (Clay County) associated with Knox Law Firm
  • Not Guilty
    Not Guilty - Kidnapping and Capital Rape

    After being accused of kidnapping and forcibly raping a young woman, a 26-year-old Choctaw County man was facing two life sentences in prison, if convicted. Insistent on his innocence, the man elected to go to trial, where Vollor Law Firm proved his innocence and obtained two Not Guilty verdicts.

  • Not Guilty
    Criminal Defense
    Not guilty verdict - fondling of Vulnerable Adult (Winston County)
  • Not Guilty
    Criminal Defense

    Not guilty verdict - Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon (Winston County)

  • Not Guilty
    Criminal Defense

    Not guilty verdict - Molestation (Oktibbeha County) associated with Zelbst, Holmes & Butler

  • $140,000
    Breach of Contract/Fraud

    Predatory and dishonest businessman attempted to take advantage of a young entrepreneur. After difficult litigation, a Judge ruled for our client. The defendant tried to avoid payment and we even obtained an additional $10,000 in sanctions for their bad behavior.

  • $135,000
    Personal Injury Claim
    Nursing home negligence causing hip injury. (Monroe County)
  • $125,000
    Facial Injuries

    A minor was traveling in the backseat of her mother's van when a driver under the influence swerved into their lane causing the minor to be airlifted with a scalp laceration and sustain permanent scarring. With minimal insurance coverage available, Vollor Law Firm was able to find additional avenues of recovery and successfully negotiate outstanding medical bills to maximize our client's recovery.

  • $105,000
    Personal Injury Claim
    Dog bite injury of minor child (Oktibbeha County)
  • $105,000
    Personal Injury Claim
    Leg Injury caused by negligent use of farm equipment (Clay County)
  • $100,000
    Injured Expectant Mother

    When a single mother was hit on Thanksgiving at 26 weeks pregnant, she struggled to find an adjuster who would take her case seriously. But after reaching out to Vollor Law Firm, our client was awarded $100,000 which covered all of her medical bills and paid for her dental school tuition so she could afford herself and her children a better life.

  • A Win for Our Client
    Litigation Case

    Austin Vollor successfully defended a local apartment complex in a trial brought by a fire safety inspection company. Our client owns and operates local apartments. It hired a company to inspect apartment units throughout the city for resident safety. The inspector failed to notify our client of numerous obsolete fire extinguishers over the course of several years. The inspection company was motivated by cutting costs and time associated with replacement. Our client discovered dozens of obsolete fire extinguishers and refused payment until the safety concerns were rectified. The inspection company sued to bully our client into paying. At trial, we exposed the bad behavior of the inspection company and a verdict was returned for our client. This verdict affirmed that greed is not always rewarded, especially when it involves the safety of others. This was a win for a local business that does things the right way.

  • Not Guilty
    Criminal Defense

    Not guilty verdict - Sale of Controlled Substance (Winston County)

  • Not Guilty
    Criminal Defense
    Not guilty verdict - Kidnapping and Capital Rape (Choctaw County)
  • Not Guilty - Rape
    Criminal Defense
    An 18-year-old male was facing the possibility of life in prison after he was accused of the statutory rape of a 12-year-old girl. Vollor Law Firm exposed the lies and false accusations, ultimately obtaining a unanimous Not Guilty verdict from an Attala County Jury.

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