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How You Can Prevent a Car Crash Fatality
How You Can Prevent a Car Crash Fatality

Mississippi car crashes are deadly. On average, a Mississippi driver is 4x more likely to die from a car crash than someone in Massachusets or New York. These injuries and fatalities are often preventable and have nothing to do with a vehicle’s safety rating. To better ...

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  • Is Your Child Safe From The 100 Deadliest Days of Summer?

    According to the CDC , motor vehicle accidents are the #1 cause of teen death. Sadly, teen fatalities are highest of from June-August. To help both ...

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  • The #1 Cause of Mississippi Car Crashes

    Mississippi has a big problem. We have the highest number of fatal car crashes per capita in the US. Our state sees a horrifying 22.2 traffic ...

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  • What You Have to Know About the “100 Deadliest Days of Summer”

    The months of June, July, and August sees an enormous spike in car crashes, DUIs, and fatalities on American roadways. The phenomenon is so ...

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  • Are Delivery Drivers Creating More Traffic?

    It sounds ridiculous, right? How could using delivery apps and allegedly having fewer drivers on the road, result in more traffic? It comes down to ...

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  • What is a Truck’s No-Zone?

    Some truck accidents are due to negligence or aggressive driving practices. Others are the result of design errors built into nearly every commercial ...

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  • Are Delivery Drivers Causing More Accidents?

    The delivery industry is booming. Food-delivery apps are entering nearly every city in America. Social distancing brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic ...

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  • Truck Accidents Likely to Increase

    As COVID-19 spreads throughout the United States and the world at large, supplies are flying off the shelves. Supermarkets with hundreds of thousands ...

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  • What is MedPay?

    What is MedPay? Said out loud, it has the same ring as Medicaid or Medicare. While they sound similar, MedPay is very different from those programs. ...

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  • What if My Insurance Doesn’t Pay the Hospital?

    You suffered a bad car accident and ended up in the hospital. You receive the care you need and contact your insurance company as soon as you can. ...

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