Are Blue Headlights Dangerous?

Blue headlights silhouette

Blue headlights have become a big selling point in recent years. They’re great for the driver because they illuminate so much more than traditional lights. They’re not so great for others on the road. Now some are questioning whether blue headlights are a safety hazard and whether they should be banned. But are blue headlights really dangerous? Let’s look at the evidence.

Blue Headlights Explained

Blue headlights refer to xenon gas or high-intensity discharge (HID) headlights. Both are usually considered an enormous upgrade over halogen bulbs and LEDs. While blue headlights are often a target of scorn, experts say the lights fall within legal headlight specifications and that they are only problematic when they’re improperly installed.

Improper installation usually refers to the angling of the lights. Blue headlights become a problem when they’re angled too high and interrupt another driver’s line of sight.

Scientifically speaking, blue light produces a beam that penetrates your eye’s lens. Usually, your eye’s lens absorbs light, but blue light goes straight through to the back of the eye. This can cause unpleasant glare, visual distortion, and tired eyes.

Blue Headlight Studies

A study by the Department of Transportation (DoT) found that 88% of drivers dislike driving toward blue headlights. Moreover, the study suggests that many drivers contribute the glare from blue headlights to a rise in nighttime accidents. The DoT has not taken action in spite of these studies, stating that the headlight’s intensity falls well within federal guidelines, but those guidelines don’t account for blue light frequency penetrating your eye.

As blue headlights become more common, it seems likely that many people will experience discomfort and a blinding glare when driving at night. Without innovative car upgrades, such as blue-light-blocking windshields, it seems late-night car accidents are destined to increase over the next few years.

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