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Does your criminal record reflect the arrest and conviction of a crime for which you already repaid your debt to society? Sometimes the best of us can suffer from a momentary and uncharacteristic lapse in judgment that results in a dire mistake.

Don’t let that mistake define the rest of your life – call a criminal defense lawyer in Starkville from Vollor Law Firm, P.A. to discuss the possibility of setting aside your criminal record.

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Misdemeanor Expunction in Mississippi

In general, Mississippi expungement law allows first-time misdemeanor convictions and arrests for charges that were ultimately dropped or dismissed. Expungement for DUI convictions and drug possession convictions for minors are also available under certain circumstances.

The expunction of a first-time misdemeanor offense is permissible under the following circumstances:

  • Serving notice to the prosecuting attorney
  • Rehabilitation
  • One (1) year of good conduct following the last conviction
  • If the society’s best interests would be served

Felony Expunction

New law allows non-violent crimes to be expunged at the court's discretion. Contact our office to determine whether your charge is eligible.

Felonies that can be expunged include:

  • A bad check offense;
  • Possession of a controlled substance or paraphernalia;
  • Obtaining signature, money or valuables with fraudulent intent;
  • Larceny;
  • Malicious mischief; or
  • Shoplifting.

Our Starkville Expungement Lawyers Can Help

The social stigma and negative consequences associated with criminal convictions can obstruct a person’s efforts to rehabilitate themselves as a productive member of society. A criminal record can significantly restrict your ability to find employment, obtain credit, and otherwise secure a promising future for you and your family.

That is why you should consult an experienced Starkville criminal defense attorney regarding your options for expunging your criminal record. At Vollor Law Firm, P.A., we have more than two (2) decades of experience advocating for the rights of former convicts in Starkville. We can help minimize the adverse effects of a criminal record and maximize your opportunities for a brighter future.

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