Back to School Driving Safety

Mom helping her two kids in car

The time has come! Back-to-school season is in full swing, and so is the traffic. Inevitably, the roads will become more congested with school buses, drop-off lines, pick-up lines, and parents driving back and forth to various sporting events. To keep yourself and the kiddos safe from a devastating automobile accident, we want to proactively outline ways to ensure everyone on the road's safety.

Drive The Speed Limit

Driving the speed limit in school zones and around school buses is essential. When you find yourself driving behind a school bus, staying at least three car lengths is recommended to give yourself ample space in the event of sudden braking.

Also, stay vigilant and aware of the increased number of teens who are new drivers on the roadways during this period. Their reaction rate is a bit slower due to their lack of experience, so avoid distractions while driving. Doing so will help you stay aware of possible mistakes from an inexperienced driver.

Be Aware of School Zones

School zones are typically marked with a flashing yellow light signal, meaning drivers must slow down to 20 mph. Crosswalk signs will also be present; however, the crossing guards will not stop traffic unless children are present.

When dropping off (or picking up) your child at school, remember there might be various parking restrictions. Although laws vary from state to state, you should generally avoid parking within 25 feet of an intersection or crosswalk. Additionally, steer clear of parking on the side of the road without a sidewalk where designated parking spaces or signs are not present.

Children And Road Safety

As a parent, you know your child better than anyone else. You also have probably seen first-hand how unpredictable kids can be when crossing the street. If small children are not educated on the dangers of cars and traffic, they will not logically know why they should pay attention and remain calm when around heavy traffic or a busy parking lot. Here are some critical tips for keeping them safe:

  • Teach children to look both ways before crossing the street.
  • Teach children to look for cars before crossing a road or intersection.
  • Teach children to look for bikes before crossing an intersection or heavily traveled area with many bikers, such as bike paths and parks where people ride their bikes often.
  • Hold their hand when crossing a street until they have proven they understand the dangers of a busy road.
  • Teach children not to run in a parking lot.
  • Teach children to look around for moving cars before running after a run-away toy or ball.

Drive Defensively

The most important thing to keep your kids safe on the road is to drive defensively. Look at your surroundings and be aware of other drivers around you—it's never too early to start teaching them this habit!

It's also important to be aware of children who might dart out in front of you, whether they're crossing the street or playing in their yard. Watch for toys or balls rolling into the road because those are some good indicators that a child may not be far behind them.

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