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What Steps Should I Take After Getting a DUI?


Getting a DUI is widely-known as one of the most frightening and life-ruining things to happen to someone, especially if your personal or professional life hinges on a pristine reputation. Road safety is paramount but in the case of a mistaken or exaggerated DUI, you don’t have to stand for an untrue accusation. Gaining a favorable outcome begins with proving inconsistencies with the charge, and ultimately reducing your charge to minimize the consequences to follow.

Following a DUI, it is essential you take the following steps immediately:

  • Enlist legal services so as to ensure you are not a victim of a falsified test or any other unfair circumstances. Even if the details of your situation are clear, inaction is dangerous. Failing to act is equal to giving up before you’ve fought for your chance.
  • Request a DMV hearing within the allotted time otherwise you will be at risk of losing your license.
  • Prepare your defense. If you plead not guilty, you will face a trial in which you and your legal team can contest the details of your case.

Charged with DUI? Contact Our Results-Driven Legal Team Today

Our Starkville DUI lawyers at Vollor Law Firm, P.A., P.A. have seen countless inaccurate and biased cases of DUI testing, which is just one means of clearing your name. If you or a loved one is facing the courts due to a DUI charge, now is the time to reach out to our legal team for comprehensive guidance and counsel. Don’t let this moment in time dictate the course of your life--fight back with full force to protect you and your family’s future.

Interested in scheduling an initial case evaluation? Contact us at your earliest convenience by calling (662) 269-6188.

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